Families stay connected. ​

Communication is key, especially when
it comes to children of divorce.

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47.3% of married couples divorce


Divorced parents with young children find it challenging to manage communication
between themselves

Main pain points
The solution

A application designed to streamline communication between divorced parents, specifically targeting the challenges faced by those with young children

User Research

“Veteran” divorcees
over 3 years (since the divorce)

“Fresh” divorcees
up to 3 years (from the divorce)

Conclusion – Target audience
Divorced parents of children up to the age of 12


Create events

Fast login/register​

Offering quick registration options through Google or Facebook allows users to effortlessly connect to the application.

Creation of the first event

As part of the onboarding process, we will guide the user through the creation of the first event for their child in the diary, utilizing coachmarks for assistance.

A sense of progress and success.​

Implementing an indicator, such as a progress bar, can help users feel a sense of progress and accomplishment during the registration process.

A sense of security​

As part of the registration process, we will display testimonials from satisfied users to instill a sense of security and confidence in the user.

Added child​

To ensure that at least one child is added, we can prompt the user to enter the custody arrangement during the registration process, making it necessary for them to include at least one child’s information.

Daily & Monthly expenses

Monthly –

In the monthly expenses, Michal will have a clear view of her own expenses, as well as Ofer’s, along with a comprehensive overview of their financial transactions and any outstanding debts between them.


Michal visited the “Foot Locker” store on Dizingoff Street in Tel Aviv and bought a pair of sneakers for Liraz for 350 NIS. She quickly uploaded the purchase to the app.

Home page

Daily events

Custody schedule​

Synchronization helps avoid conflicts, confusion, or last-minute changes, promoting stability and predictability for the children and minimizing disruptions in their routine.

Calendar synchronization​
Connect your calendar.
Get relevant content and event notifications.

Personalized notifications
We will send personalized notifications, including children’s events, doctor’s appointments, new documents, messages from divorced parents, and more, to encourage daily app engagement.

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